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COMEBACKSHOW of David Perdu @ AdMiRe 9 AM

Silvester | Apr 14 | Comments: 2 | Tags: acoustic, admire, comeback, live, music, david perdu, david, perdu
Today we are welcoming back David Perdu in the SL music scene. After several years of absense he will do his comebackshow today, at AdMiRe at 9 AM slt! His manager, Twinky Waffle, is a good friend of mine and she showed me the YouTube page of David Perdu. And wow, that music is really great. Lets first get some information about...

Jed Luckless 2019 World Tour!

Silvester | May 7 '19 | Rate: 5 | Tags: 2019, live, original, rock, world tour, jed luckless, admire
Today I saw in events that there is an artist doing an actual world tour! I had to get in to that. How do you do a world tour in SL? Time to investigate this. As he is playing at AdMiRe with Twinky as hostess, I know she can help me with all the information I need. 12 venues in 6 weeks. And not just any venue. He is selecting the venues on...