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Into the Woods with Frankie

  I decided to walk through the woods to Grandmother's house tonight but get a distinct feeling that someone or something is watching me...It's alright Frankie, I know you'll protect me!    Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) BODY INFO: Skin: -Belleza- Bianca ...

⁣A Little Mermaid

 Evil Bunny Production's Under the Sea Event is now open until June 16th. Exclusives, sales, and specials await you. All things sand, sea and sun with great discounts on exclusive items. (All the items in this post are on sale at the event with the exception of the mesh head and body)...

⁣The Bridesmaid Wore Blue

A friend is getting married and I am one of the bridesmaids, wearing blue which is my favorite color. This is going to make a fantastic dress to go out on dates with my wife as well.        Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) BODY INFO: Skin: DeeTaleZ...

⁣How Does Your Garden Grow?

   I'm so excited to see all the plants in my garden are thriving. We are going to have such a great harvest this year. With a chicken tossed into the soup if she doesn't stop eating my lettuce!               ...

⁣Before We Bake in the Sun

 I'm ready to go out to the beach! Totally in love with my new swimsuit, aren't the skulls just fantastic?        Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) BODY INFO: Skin: -Belleza- Carly    Genus mesh head applier Carly comes in...

⁣Mirror Mirror

 Mirror Mirror...what can you tell me? I already know my wife is the most beautiful of all, but am I worthy of her? Can you tell me what the future may bring? Is there another dimension on the other side of you staring back at me? Oh mirror, what secrets do you hold?      Shopping List...

⁣Just Hanging Out On a Cloud

  Just hanging out on a cloud today, feeling like relaxing and enjoying the stars above.       Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) BODY INFO: Skin: Stargazer Creations - Nophia Night Sky Edition  Set includes APpliers for Uni Ears regular/mer, 2...

⁣Yummy Yummy on My Tummy

Shopping List Blogspot https://aerwolf.blogspot.com/2020/04/yummy-yummy-on-my-tummy.html Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/aerlinniel_vella/49787236266/in/dateposted-public/

⁣Time to Get Serious - Elf Shamen

Shopping List: Blogspot https://aerlinnielfantasy.blogspot.com/2020/04/time-to-get-serious-elf-shamen.html Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/aerlinniel_vella/49785844421/in/dateposted-public/

⁣Being Thankful and Bunnies!

Shopping List: Blogspot https://aersgoth.blogspot.com/2020/04/being-thankful-and-bunnies.html Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/aerlinniel_vella/49775483571/in/dateposted-public/
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