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⁣April showers bring may flowers sale is on now

linkandlinkResident | Apr 26 | Tags: 77e, blog
(this is going to be a copy & pase from my blog on the 77e website) my blog can be found here Blog | 77E (linkxatem.wixsite.com) Well looks like my packs are finally here and they are ready to be sold you're wondering why there's two different versions of each packaging outside of make one for both heads and a lot of...

Blogger Wanted

Blogger Hi Follow Blogger's. La bomba is looking for dedicated Blogger's to join our Family. La bomba is new store to sl, we specialist in Kupra and bigger ladies bodies Pose's new release must be blogged first, Please feel free to inbox mefor more info

Feeling Caged In

Feeling trapped, I hate it. So I need to change my thinking so I don't just follow through on these feelings. Like looking for silver linings and all the good things I can find. That would be great and helps me get out of this feeling of being trapped. That is all! The Many Faces of Mel #836 #SecondLife #Stargazer #TheBeardedGuy...

Taking a Vape Break!

After a while of hunting it was time to take a break and for some reason, maybe it was the Twisted mood I was in, I decided to take a vape break on the rooftop.  So there I was enjoying the quiet. It's nice after the stress of hunting a while! And I absolutely love it! The Many Faces of Mel #796  

Lady in Waiting

I decided to show off my dress in an unexpected way today... The Many Faces of Mel #767

A Brand New Avatar From Spider Productions!

NEW RELEASE! Isn't she Adorkable?!!! From Spider Productions! Isn't She Adorkable?! New from Spider Productions!   This bento avatar is Bakes on Mesh AND Omega Ready! The Head will be updated for Bakes on Mesh soon. Create your own style with this new Adorkable avatar! And I am wearing Adorkable clothing! Which is also a...