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New Item Gacha in Fashion & Beauty store!! Check out

lany21 writer | Apr 20 '18 | Tags: gacha, hair, marketplace
MINA - Selenia - Dark blond Item Gacha  Color Dark Blond  No copy / No Mod / No Redelivery / Transf https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MINA-Selenia-Dark-blond/14516855


Leave your hands Beautiful with these nails and glazes !! Check out the great price Love [Mermaid Nails] #10 20L$ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Love-Mermaid-Nails-10/13787295 Alme. Flower Gacha - COMMON 3 [Rez please!] 60L$ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/alme-Flower-Gacha-COMMON-3-Rez-please/12752601...


New Items !! I just published in Loja, Run and already guarantee your, limited items; check out [MODA] STREET CHIC SHORTS -WHITE (COMMON) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MODA-STREET-CHIC-SHORTS-WHITE-COMMON/13858519 Third Eye. Deandra Skirt - Maitreya [One]...


lany21 writer | Jan 24 '18 | Tags: gacha, secondlife

Decorating Fever

 I am sooo happy with how this room turned out. The colors and the halloween theme worked perfectly and I was even able to bring in my newest doll collection. It appears the dog is pretty happy with this as well and I feel so great in my new outfit, that we are going out for a walk in a bit.  LISA...

Morning Coffee and Shower

 Baby it's cold outside but I have the fire going and keeping cozy warm in this great new Holiday Cottage by Gee, part of their Holidays gacha collection.  This among some of the other items I'll show you are available at Gacha Good's Holiday Holiday Holiday event happening until November 30th....

Eye See You!

Did you ever have the feeling something or someone was watching you? WELL I DID! I walked out into the front yard this morning and got chills sunning up and down my arms, then the hair on the back of my neck stood up. The funny thing is no matter where I turned I seen eyes looking at me. In the cages, flower pots everywhere. I felt...

The Kitties Halloween Party

Well, I got a phone call on my cell, the neighbors were complaining that the music we leave on for the animals was way to loud and it sounded as if things were being thrown about. I called Gwennie and she was out shopping. So, I hurried back home and this is what I found. CATS! Everywhere and into everything, I honestly thought my...

The Tea Party

For once, being on time, the white rabbit, lounges about at the stylish new Single Tea Party Table Set- Pinks RARE, sitting at the added High Back Chair - Pink both by Nomiki's Creations awaiting the rest of the crew. Wearing the finest bunny accessories,White Rabbit Bits Set -RARE,The White Rabbit's...

Amy Gacha Good

 Sitting here, trying to figure out what decorations to put up for Easter. So many possibilities especially with the wins from Gacha Good this month. Which opens tomorrow, March 8th.  So far, we have a fantastic chair, and some chocolate bunnies, an egg stand, end tables, table top decorations, and this outfit I am...
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