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Affordable shops & marketstalls

Silvester | Feb 18 '20 | Rate: 5 | Tags: market, promotion, shops, stores, sell
If you are a bit like me, you like to promote your things. Your blog, venue, store or beautiful sim. We all can use some promotion. One of the ways is to get your brand seen by people. I like to rent cheap shops or marketstalls to rezz my information-board. To help you out in this blog I will try to list as many cheap shops and marketstalls as...

A busy day

Silvester | May 7 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 5 | Tags: blog, info, silvester, silly stuff
As I have more and more fun in writing blogs, I decided to also make my own information board in-world.  I am, how I like to call it, a freelance blogger. Meaning, at this moment I am not writing for 1 brand or person in specific. I write when I want and about everything I want. Live music concerts, good working products or just about...

New Sponsor for DragoDelicous // Welcome to p.o.s.e :)

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