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Comeback-Show of AndyDennis Enchanted

Silvester | Feb 26 '19 | Tags: live music, comeback, good
Even though I am not long enough in SL to know this performer, my close friends whom I also know in RL are all going insane about this news. AndyDennis Enchanted is coming back to play his music in SL. So I am going to that show, as we shouldn't miss this. One of the people I know in RL is Twinky Waffle and she also is the one who organized...

Icky Flux play the BLUES at V-Side Battery Row@Charleston

Silvester | Feb 23 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 1 | Tags: blues, live music, debut
Icky isn't new in SL, he is playing musici n his unique style for many years. And still, after all these years, it is a Debut! A venue Debut, meaning he is playing at V-Side Battery Row@Charleston for the first time. A perfect show to write about. No matter if you are feeling blue, when Icky plays the Blues I never feel blue!...

Da5id Weatherwax LIVE

Silvester | Feb 22 '19 | Rate: 5 | Tags: live music, folk music
I am hopping around today but this one, I can not let go unnoticed. This voice, this music. Calming and beautiful with a slight accent to make the music come alive. This is the music I hope to find every day that I am in SL. "Da5id Weatherwax is a musician primarily in the folk tradition with a marked preference for...

Paradorn Ansar LIVE at The Night Owl!

Silvester | Feb 22 '19 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 3 | Tags: live music, paradorn, the night owl
My first blog here on AvatarBook, hopefully not my last. It has been a while since I have written anything, so the way to go it just start. Today I am listening to one of the best live musicians of SL: Paradorn Ansar. "Paradorn (Para) brought his music into SL and quickly found his way into his fans hearts with his sexy rough voice...


Susann DeCuir | Dec 27 '18 | Tags: #photocontest
Entry deadline: 31th 2018 Winner announcement: january 6th 2019 Topic: Time for two (friends or couples skillfully set in scene, whether with humor, playing or cuddling, let your imagination run wild) TELEPORT Prizes : 1st prize: 3000 L$ 2nd prize: 2000 L$...


Lusus | Mar 30 '18 | Tags: easter, games, jigsaw puzzles
This year's SL-Inspiration Easter jigsaw puzzle image comes from the Easter Bunny Trail at Aquamarine Island and is being held to help support a young boy with autism under the title of 'The Little  Engine Who Can'. Find out more here where you can also choose to either play the puzzle online or download a free version to own and...

The Pulse Is Now Hiring!!

Lusus | Mar 17 '18 | Tags: djs, entertainment, hiring, hosts
The Pulse is a friendly and lively club in SL, and we're presently looking for DJs and Hosts. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/419741-the-pulse-is-now-hiring/ We look forward to hearing from you

About DJKwave! Find out more about me. 03/2018

Hello my name is Kyle or you may call me Kwave. I am going to be giving you information on where you can find out more about me, tune in when I am on air and see our future media. After I will be giving you insight on how I started Djing, my history as a DJ, and the future.      To start you can always find out more...


lany21 writer | Feb 23 '18 | Tags: club, djs, host, secondlife, area56
Club Area 56 is looking at Djs and Host, interested to contact Lany21 writer or DjTarantula Bombastic 100% of tips Style House,Psy,Tech house,Trance and Techno. ... Come and be part of the best astral club of sl !! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hellas/239/79/2676

Relax Club

Deslara | Feb 21 '18 | Tags: deslara, music, relax club
So i use the location from Relax Club to present my new Musicvideo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1YdLZINszA
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