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Lunas Heartsong
I totally agree. I was a blogger for a short time but I never worked for any creator. I just enjoyed doing it, and I felt I engaged, took great pictures ect. But now a days very few bloggers, blog, they post on flickr and that is all. Than bloggers went to youtube..... now they just flickr ....oh...
Buzz Bucket
Come and join us tomorrow, September 5, 2020 at the Buzz Bucket as we listen to DJ Amos play lovey dovey tunes while dancing with people that means a lot to us. If you have any requested songs, let us know in advance here so we can have it prepped and ready for you to hear while at the venue...

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Lex Merlin
♥ Petit Chat *PC* Shabby Kitchen-V2 - Counter & Stool by Trinity Yazimoto (November Group Gift) ♥ Petit Chat *PC* Shabby Kitchen-V2-Accessories Set by Trinity Yazimoto (November Group Gift) ♥ Junk Food - Ca... more
Lex Merlin Yesterday, 16:01
Lex Merlin
♥ Hair: bonbon - koharu hair (ombres) by Nana Banana ♥ Head: [GA.EG] Ava 2.2 Bento Mesh Head by gael.str eeter ♥ Eyeline: [GA.EG] Mesh Heads Addon - EL03 Ava Eyeliners by gael.str eeter ♥ Body: Maitr... more
Lex Merlin Yesterday, 15:39
Lex Merlin
♥ Decor Junction / Shutter Field DJ.SF Winter Lantern - vintage by Katelyn Barom /Heavenly Villa @ Tannenba um ♥ Decor Junction / Shutter Field DJ.SF Winter Sled - Rustic by Katelyn Barom /Heavenly Villa @ Tannenbaum ... more