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Avatarbook is the safe and friendly social network for Second Life® residents. Make new friends, date up, share your photos, create events, write a blog posts and much more. Feel free to participate in our fast growing community!

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⁣Girls Heaven -EVENT-  February round - sweets & girls
Hello Heaven Girls, DESIGNER CIRCLE - THE EVENT- is now in heaven and is called Girls Heaven -E...
JaneDark Miles Feb 9, 05:00

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Silvester VIP
If you are a bit like me, you like to promote your things. Your blog, venue, store or beautiful sim. We all can use some promotion. One of the ways is to get your brand seen by people. I like to rent cheap shops or marketstalls to rezz my information... more
Silvester Yesterday, 09:36
Silvester VIP
As everyone could have seen and read, I love to blog here. Virtual Nomad and I sometimes talk on the message-system here in AvatarBook. I know he is a busy man and he regretted he had to let go of his office in-world. With a little help of my... more
Silvester VIP
It has been a while since my last blog, but that doesn't mean I lost my drive to write. Now with the new blogging platform here on AvatarBook it is time to pick up writing again. And as always, I like to write about a lot of things but one o... more

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Gia Blossom
Wishing Star ~ Marketing & Promotions (Creative solutions for building brands)We offer a range of marketing services to businesses or brands; among them the most popular are social media marketing services and inworld promotions at different... More
Virtual Nomad Support
All done. I’m thankful for your support and understandingblush We are constantly working on speeding up the website. It's always quite fun with a MySQL larger than 1.5GB and 350+ Gigs of storage :) This is something you can't just run on a...
Virtual Nomad Support
Our marketplace is back online after successful maintenance. Feel free to share your creations with the community! GO TO MARKETPLACE ADD NEW ITEM