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It does. I also think it is helpful information - from both Morrigan and Cordelia. :)
Cyber_Duke Support
IMPORTANT GUIDELINES UPDATE The domain of our website has high authority and it should be in the interest of every member of the community to keep it that way in the future. We don't want to be another Second Life FB group filled with links to external content, so from today, the rules for our... More
Welcome, Lia! Glad you returned - even if I am late in replying. laughing I myself step away from SL from time-to-time, but always return. I hope you are enjoying yourself and finding new places to hang!

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Aerlinniel Roughneck
Necrosis is open! Great items to be had by some of the best Gothic designers out there. So many places to explore here, even some fantastic spots for photo ops to be found. Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) BOD... more
Aerlinniel Roughneck
I came down to my favorite coffee shop to find out that it's closed! I was sooo looking forward to that creamy latte, but instead got a sign on the door. Apparently they are going to remodel, well hurry up! Shopping List (S... more
There are some GREAT sales this weekend, per usual, in SL! The first deal I checked out was at a store called Reign. It is a shoe store and what female could not use another pair of shoes. Or in this case, three pairs! That is right. Three pair... more