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Calças SC # 019 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/calca-19-CS/7983919
Gadu Feb 15
Blog Va lentine´s Day Street Fair 10 - 15th Lovely little Faire, mainly with old shops of Medieval Style or Steampunk or Classic. Cupid´s Crush 9 - 16th Belongs to FF & TT Groups. U will find there my RYL Nude Series TMP (Pictures) for a ... more
Aerlinniel Roughneck
Click on picture to enlarge Lookin and feelin good! Shopping List (Sponsors in Bold Print) Skin: The skin that I am wearing is a creation by Insol called, Liza in the Cinnamon Tone. This Catwa applier skin includes shape and ... more

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Virtual Nomad Support
Hello, we're looking for a blogger who would write tutorials, guides, "how to", and interesting news from Second Life. You should write exclusively for us and articles would be published on Avatarbook. Please contact me here for more info and add... More
Virtual Nomad 15 hours ago
Iamsoo Magic
                                                Eden Valley RP High School is hiring for a variety of... More
Iamsoo Magic Jan 16 '18
Jules1979 Resident
If you want an SL family, this is your topic. 


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