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WildBill March
The Above may help those who are trying to use Baked on Mesh, known in Second life as BOM
WildBill March Yesterday, 07:20
Morrigan Price-Foster Patron
On the facebook note I actually finally tried to make an SL facebook account wellll.... it locked my account immediately after creation cause I am not a real person. The moment any of the flags that you might not be a real person pops up they lock it. So it's not terribly useful for SL.
Cordelia Tokunaga Patron
Kent Photography - Kent Nowicka Showed up to a wedding we hosted at our venue as he was hired by the bride and groom for extra pictures. He did not put them on pose balls for the pictures, he took in world snapshots versus high quality photos. He left poses around the land he never cleaned up... More

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Lex Merlin
♥ EDEN by Absolut Creation (*.*) Floating Buoy Hector (marketplace) by Ginger Chevalier
Lex Merlin Yesterday, 16:41
Lex Merlin
♥ Junk Food - House Cases & Clutter by late.billig @ Wizarding Faire 2020 ♥ Raindale - Sparrownest full set by keiralans @ Wizarding Faire 2020
Lex Merlin
♥ Hair: **DP**YUMYUM *barbery umyum*B05(03) by toraji Voom ♥ Head: Akeruka [AK Advanced] - Bento Head V2.8 #W06 by Kaoz.kob a ♥ Mesh body : Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara by onyx leshelle ♥ Ears: UNISEX[M ANDALA]STEKING_EARS_... more