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Aerlinniel Roughneck
There is nothing so wonderful as a beautifully decorated home for the Holidays. And with some help by some very talented designers, we were able to decorate this little room in our house. Cwtch. created the A Scandinavian Christmas gac... more
Aerlinniel Roughneck
Holidays and sparkles go together, aka OH SHINY!! So I just had to show you this fantastic outfit that was created for the KT Winter Festival. The event runs from Dec 3 to Dec 11 (inclusive) and will include stalls as usual along with some n... more
Aerlinniel Roughneck
Shown in darkness windlight setting to show off the illumination only The weather outside is frightful but winter can be beautiful as well. All those snowflakes that have a unique pattern to them, cuddling in front of a fire with your spec... more

Upcoming events

VeVa Wintermarket
Little cute Wintermarket 
Yúcale Sunday Lounge with Sir John
▩ dj ━► John von Landfall ▩ style:. ━► Winter Chill Mix▩ time:. ━► Sunday, 04. Dec. 20 cet / 10 am ...
2. Anniversary Of Yúcale The Coffee Gallery
On 9th of December .::Yúcale::. The Coffee Gallery will celebrate its second anniversary. Two year...
Yúcale Autorenlesung "Gnom, unser" mit Tobias Schindegger
Ein Mann, der sich für einen Gnom hält, befindet sich in ärztlicher Behandlung. Er gibt sich seinen...
Samiraa Adderstein Dec 17, 20:00

Recent Discussions

VelvetOnyx Jewell
VeVa - Wintermarket Teleport 15.11.16 - 30.12.16 Tier: 60 LD (for the hole event) Stalls available: 10 Prims per Stall: 10 Prims Rules:  Items for sale must have Winter / Christmas theme1 or more dollarbies for the Customer it not need... More
Its sound maybe stubid, but how can i chat with a friend?
Akiko Sep 10
Zane Skizm
Hey, Crystal is looking for talented manager, DJ and dancer. If you feel addressed you, send an IM / NC to Zane Skizm. I'm happy for you!<3 PAYMENT: 100% TIP-JARS + BONUS EVERY HOUR!...


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