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Monica Querrien
The Fashion Loft will have a workshop on Bloggers' Etiquette on November 3rd from 5 - 6 PM SLT. Please RSVP here to make sure we have enough seats: https://forms.gle/Nhcag5E3JTPVbTLT6 If you are unable to attend this workshop, please fill... More
Virtual Nomad Support
Dear users, we are currently changing the entire blog platform concept. Adding new articles will not be available until further notice. All other parts of the website work without change. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Virtual Nomad Support
We fixed an error that caused an incorrect title, preview image and content description after sharing to major social networks. From now on you can share your blogs, events, photos, etc., from here to Facebook, Twitter, etc., without any problems....



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